Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “distant”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:

Qusay TV and Movie Quotes:
“Next time, maybe I’ll bring Qusay.”
House of Saddam (2008 Mini-Series)
“Qusay? You watched?” The Devil’s Double (2011)

Famous people named Qusay or its variations

1. Qusay Muneer Abboodi Al-Hussein (b. 1981),
Iraqi footballer
2. Qusai Kheder (b. 1978), Saudi Arabian rapper;
aka Don Legend the Kamelion
3. Qusai Abu Alieh (b. 1978), Jordanian footballer

Qusay Middle Names
Qusay Baqir
Qusay Ihab
Qusay Raashid

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