Origin: Greek

Meaning: “sun ray, shining light”
variant of Eleanor and Helen

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Nalda, Neldi, Neldy, Nell, Nella, Nelia, Nelly, Nilda

Nelda Book Quotes:
“The wolf sat on the little rug by Nelda’s bed”
Cloaked in Red (2010)
“There was none that I saw who could replace my Nelda. ”
Only For You (2007)

Famous people named Nelda or its variations

1. Nelda J. Connors (b. 1965), American businesswoman
2. Nilda Celia Garré (b. 1945), Argentine ambassador, politician
3. Nalda Marie Bird Phillips (1927-2004), American baseball pro

Nelda Middle Names
Nelda Angelica
Nelda Elaine
Nelda Lou
Nelda Marie
Nelda Suzanne

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