Origin: Greek

Meaning: “of Troy”

Best Nicknames
Ana, Lana, Liana, LiLi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Ileana, Ileane, Ileanna, Ileanne, Illeanna,
Illia, Illiana, Illianna, Illionya

Iliana TV and Movie Quotes:
“Iliana Ortega works here as a naturalist.”
Ocean Oasis (2001)
“… until I find Iliana, you’re the closest thing I have to family.”
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 TV Series)

Famous people named Iliana or its variations

1. Ileana D’Cruz (b, 1987), Indian actress
2. Iliana Fox (b. 1977), English-born Mexican actress
3. Iliana Naidenova Ivanova (b. 1975), Bulgarian politician

Iliana Middle Names
Iliana Eve
Iliana Dominique
Iliana Paris
Iliana Sonja

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