Buzz is a boys nickname

Origin: various
baby talk for brother
short version of Buster

Variations of the nickname Buzz
Buzzie, Buzzy

Buzz and Buzzy TV and Movie Quotes:
“I’m not gonna wait until I’m as old as Buzzy!”
Dennis the Menace: Dennis Learns to Whistle (1960)
“You think a man named Buzz gets to go into space without
making a deal? Supernatural: What’s Up, Tiger Mommy? (2012)

Famous people nicknamed Buzz

1. Buzz Aldrin (b. 1940), American astronaut
born Edwin Eugene Aldrin
2. Buzz Feiten (b. 1921-92), American actor
born Howard Feiten
3. Buzz Lightyear, cartoon character, “Toy Story”
“To infinity and beyond”

More Buzzes:
Buzz Arlett (1899-1964), American baseball pro
born Russell Loris Arlett
Buzz Cason (b. 1939), American rocker
born James E. Cason
Buzz Osborne (b. 1964), American singer, musician
born Roger Osborne, also known as King Buzzo
Buzz Potamkin (1945-2012), American TV producer
born Marshall Potamkin

Buzzie or Buzzy:
Buzzie Bavasi (1914-2008), American baseball exec, mgr.
born Emil Joseph Bavasi
Buzzy Cohen, 9x Jeopardy! champ
born Austin Cohen
Buzzy Drootin (1920-2000, American jazz drummer
born Benjamin Drooting in Kiev, Ukraine
Buzzie Reutimann (b. 1941), ret. American NASCAR driver
born Emil Lloyd Reutimann
Buzzy Trent (1929-2006), American surfing pioneer
born Goodwin Murray Trent Jr.

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