Origin: French, Old German

Meaning: “strong, brave bear”
feminine form of Bernard

Best Nicknames
Bennie, Benny, Bernee, Bernie, Berny, Nadette

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Benadette, Bernadena, Bernadene, Bernadetta,
Bernadina, Bernadine, Bernadotte, Bernadyna,
Bernarda, Bernardina, Bernardine, Bernessa,
Bernetta, Bernette, Bernina, Bernita

Bernadette TV and Movie Quotes:
“Bernadette, you are the analytical, scientific left hemisphere.”
The Big Bang Theory: The Isolation Permutation (2011)
“They call me Cha Cha because I’m the best dancer at
St. Bernadette’s.” Grease (1978)

Famous people named Bernadette or its variations

1. Bernadette Peters (b. 1948), American actress, singer
born Bernardette Lazzara
2. Bernadette Soubirous (1844-89), “incorruptible” Catholic saint
born Maria Bernarda SobirĂ³s
3. Bernadette Mary Flynn O’Kane (b. 1979), Irish dancer

Bernadette Middle Names
Bernardette Chloe
Bernardette Gillian
Bernardette Joan
Bernadette Rhiannon
Bernadette Veronica

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