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Zora was a consistent Top 300 American female name between 1883 and 1886, ranking highest at No. 258


In 2012, Zoran was the No. 2 most popular name for baby boys in Macedonia


Zoltan was the 22nd most popular baby boy name in Hungary in 2012.


The last time more than 5 American baby girls were named Vlasta in one year was in 1938 and the humber was 7


A Top 100 American baby girl name between 1891 and 1929, Vera re-emerged in 2009 at No. 897. In 2016, it reached No. 308


Volodimir is the traditional Ukrainian spelling of the more modern Vladimir


Tibor was the 66th most popular male name in Hungary in 2011, down 3 spots from the previous year.


Gogol’s Cossack hero Taras Bulba was played by Yul Brynner in a 1962 film. They pronounced the name with the accent on the first syllable instead of the second.


Primoz Trubar is a Slovenian hero credited with consolidating the Slovene language. June 8 is Primoz Trubar Day in Slovenia.


Ona was a fairly popular American baby girl name in the 1800s. Its popularity dwindled in the 20th century when its last rank was No. 965 in 1945


Two well-known fictional characters bear the given name Ostap: conman, Ostap Bender; and the oldest son of Taras Bulba, Ostap Bulba


In 2011, 25 American baby girls were named Neda, according to the Social Security Administration

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