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Zane Grey wrote approximately 60 Westerns. His first best-seller was Riders of the Purple Sage.


Winston’s ranked in the Top 250 American males names in 3 years — 1941, 42 and 43 due, of course, to the popularity of Churchill


Tyrone was in the Top 200 American baby names continuously from 1956 through 1979


Thierry surged to the No. 1 most popular male name in France in the mid-1960s in France due to the popularity of the TV series Thierry la Fronde


Sherwin last appeared in the Top 1000 American baby boy names in 1953 at No. 963


Rhodri and Roderick are sometimes said to be variations of each other. Although the meanings are similar, the origin of each name is quite different.


24 American males were named Quade in 2012; 19 were named Quaid


In the USA, Percy was in the Top 100 most popular male names twice. In 1893 it was No. 100 and in 1897 it was No. 98


106 American baby boys were named Obadiah in 2016, making it just as popular as Marek and Yakov that year


Odell got into the Top 500 American baby boy names in 1902 and stayed there consistently until 1951


Ollie was a consistent Top 500 given name from 1880 through 1949; in fact, it was in the Top 200 until 1916


Nehemiah began the 21st century as the 696th most popular American male name. By 2013, it was No. 346

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