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Tracy (Boy)

Tracy was a Top 200 popular male name in the USA from 1959 through 1974. Trace has been a more popular choice since 1996


Torrance last appeared in the Top 100 American baby boy names in 1980 at No. 981; Torrence in 1976 at No. 977


Salome was the 541st most popular American female name in 1880. The last time it appeared in the Top 1000 was in 1908 at No. 766


Shad was a Top 500 American baby boy name between 1971 and 1975

Remy (Girl)

Remy is a unisex name. 394 American baby girls and 648 baby boys were named Remy in 2016


Regan fell out of the top 1000 names for boys in after 1979, while its popularity as a girl’s name grew


In the USA, 15 couples chose the spelling Qusai for their baby boy and 7 preferred Qusay in 2012


In 2013, Malcolm came in at No. 444 in American popular male names, up 53 spots from 2011.


Marshall was always in the Top 300 USA male names until 1991


Lana was a Top 10 female name in Serbia and Slovenia in 2013. In Croatia, it was No. 1


Lorenzo has always bounced around the Top 500 most popular American baby boy names. Its highest rank was No.240 in 1880


Lamont appeared consistently in the Top 1000 American male names from 1937 through 2008. Highest rank: 215 in 1972

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