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In the USA, 18 American baby boys were named Whitaker In 2012, the exact same number that were given that name in 2011.


Violet was a Top 100 American baby girl name between 1901 and 1926. It fell out of the Top 1000 names altogether in the 1970s but by 2010 had rebounded to No. 123


Salvatore ranked No. 148 in popular American male names in 1914 and in 1915, its all-time high rank It remained in the Top 500 until 1988.


The most famous Prospero is a Shakespearean character in ‘The Tempest,’ the rightful Duke of Milan


Maybelle was a consistent Top 500 American baby girl name from 1880 through 1918


Clyde was a Top 100 Baby Name for boys in the USA from 1880 through 1938


3,278 American baby boys and 28 American baby girls were named Braxton in 2015


Abner was a fairly popular first name until it became associated with a cartoon character

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