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Alabama Governors

If you are going by given first names, John and William will tie for most common name of Alabama governors. Wager Swayne was a distinguished Union general during the Civil War, who was appointed governor of Alabama during the early days of Reconstruction. He always went by his middle name, Wager. That wasn’t a whim […]

Alaska Governors

Parents sometimes pick names they feel will look great on a billboard or that they consider distinguished. It looks like the parents of Alaska’s governors went with tried and true names. Only two of Alaska’s governor have had the same first name up until 2012. Click on the names of the people who have governed […]

Arizona Governors

Since it became a state in 1912, Arizona has had 4 governors named John, the only name with more than one governor. Arizona has never been governed by a William or a James. Arizona has had more female governors than any other state and 3 of their names not only began with the letter J, […]

Arkansas Governors

James is the No. 1 name for Governors of Arkansas, but the list of Arkansas governors yields the name Xenophon, which was not unheard of as a given name in the 19th century. However, the name Ozra is a most uncommon appellation for an American boy, being more commonly an Iranian name for a girl. […]

California Governors

California was admitted to the United States in 1850. As of 2012, it has been governed by 39 men. One of them, Earl Warren, became Chief Justice of the United States. Two first became well known as actors: Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Reagan went on to become a 2-term President of the United States.

Colorado Governors

Colorado joined the United States in 1850. Since then, it has been governed by 6 men named John, the most common name for Colorado governors. William comes in second, with 4 governors, not counting Bill Ritter since his first name is really August.

Connecticut Governors

66 men and 2 women have governed the State of Connecticut. At 7 governors, John is the most common name. With 5 governors each, Charles and William tie for second most common name. So that puts Henry in third place with 4 governors.

Delaware Governors

Delaware is known as the First State because it was the first colony to ratify the United States Constitution. As of 2014, it has been governed by 71 men and one woman. The first five were actually called Presidents.

Florida Governors

At six, William is the most common name for governors of Florida. John is a close second with four, including Jeb Bush. Spessard Holland was given his mother’s maiden name for a first name while another future governor was named after President Fillmore, ironic because Millard Fillmore got his first name the same way as Spessard.

Georgia Governors

George is the most common name found among governors of the Peach State. Nine were named George at birth, although one always went by his nickname “Sonny”. When a name is in quotes, it is the nickname or middle name that the governor preferred to go by. The least common names on the list are […]

Hawaiian Governors

Hawaii became a State in 1959. All of the individuals who have governed Hawaii were born in the  20th century, the oldest born in 1909 and second oldest in 1919. John is the only name that more than one governor had. Click on the names of the people who have governed Hawaii to learn the […]

Idaho Governors

There have been 30 governors of Idaho since the state’s admission to the Union in 1890. The most common name among them is Charles.  Frank, James and John tie for second place with 3 governors each. Two of the governors named James had the same middle name. The most uncommon name is Barzilla, which is […]

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