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Zenaida is the name of a 1st century Christian saint


In 2012, Zoran was the No. 2 most popular name for baby boys in Macedonia


The most famous Xenophon is a Greek historian, soldier, mercenary and philosopher, a contemporary of Socrates and Plato


Viveka Eriksson is the Premier of Aland Islands, a Swedish-speaking self-governing region of Finland


Veda is the name of Mildred Pierce’s daughter in the 1941 James Cain novel


Valerie hopped into the Top 100 American baby girl names in 1951 and pretty much stayed there until 1988


Vartan sounds like a superhero’s name, even though it’s meaning has to do with roses


A golden bee named Raya is the star of a 2009 children’s book, “The Magic Amphora” by Donna Brooks


Rosemary got into the Top 500 American baby girl names in 1903 and stayed there through 1987. It ranked highest in 1946 at No. 74.


In the USA, 101 baby girls were named Rosalinda in 2012, one more than the number named Annalisa


Pilar was a unisex name in the USA in most of the 1990s. The SSA recorded at least 5 boys named Pilar for almost every year.

Patrice (Boy)

Patrice is used as a boy’s name primarily in French-speaking countries

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