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American First Ladies

Did you know there have been 3 American First Ladies who were named Elizabeth? One went by her given name and two went by their nicknames: Betty and Bess.

First Ladies of Africa

Three First Ladies in Africa share the first name Chantal on this list of wives of Africa’s heads of state.

French First Ladies

Many French first ladies went by one of their middle names rather than their given name. There have actually been 4 who were born with the given name Jeanne, but only 3 retained it.

Mexican First Ladies

There have been 3 Mexican first ladies with the given name Maria and 2 named Carmen. The Mexican First Ladies’ names are linked to its closest equivalent on the site.


Zoila was the real first name of legendary Peruvian soprano Yma Sumac


Xiomara nicknames include Zia, Zee Zee, Zara and Mara


According to Social Security statistics, at least 21 American baby girls were named Varina in the 1980s and 38 in the the 1970s

Trinidad (Girl)

Trinidad made the Top 500 most popular American baby girl names twice: in 1921 (No. 471) and in 1922 (No. 451).


According to the Urban Dictionary, Raisa also means princess in Arabic and refers to someone who is really cool


Patience is not only a girl’s name, it’s a virtue


In 2012, Nydia was just as popular as Allora, Denae, Nevada and Trudy, with 26 American girls for each name


Michelle was a Top 5 American baby girl name between 1966 and 1974 in the United States

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