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Zebulon made its last appearance in the Top 1000 most popular American boys names in 1984 at No. 948


Valentina has become an increasingly popular name in the USA, rising from No. 712 in 2000 to No. 106 in 2016


Wit is the Polish form of Vitus. Other forms include Veit (German), Vid (Croatian, Slovene, Hungarian), Vít (Czech, Slovak) and Veit (German)


St. Valerian was a North African bishop who was martyred in 457 A.D.


Renata has made sporadic appearances in the Top 1000 American baby girl names, being most popular in 1980 at No. 336


Lincoln became a Top 200 choice for American baby boys in 2009. It was No. 50 by 2016


Leo was No. 74 in popular American baby boy names in 2016; Leonardo was No. 95


Lawrence was Lawrence of Arabia’s last name. His first name was Thomas and his middle name was Edward.


Freja was the 8th most popular girls name in Denmark in 2010, moving up to No. 7 in 2016


Erwin made its last appearance in the Top 1000 American male names in 1992 at No. 977


Dixon got in the Top 1000 American baby boy names once, in 1881 at No. 807, tied at 6 births with about 75 other names, including Bird, Cap, Curley and Gee


The name Abel cracked the Top 300 for the first time in 2010

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