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Velma was a character in Scooby Doo cartoons and the name of Riff’s girlfriend in West Side Story.


Vincent has been a very popular American male name since the dawn of the 20th century, in or near the Top 100 names. High rank: No. 58 in 1966.


Vartan sounds like a superhero’s name, even though it’s meaning has to do with roses


Trina was most popular as an American baby girl name in 1970 and 1971, ranking at No. 172 in both of those years


Tasha was a Top 200 American baby girls between 1979 and 1986, peaking at No. 130 in 1980


Truman reappeared in the Top 100 American boys in 2012 at No. 929, after last appearing in 2010 at No. 994


Todd was a Top 100 American baby boy name from 1959 to 1985


Thierry surged to the No. 1 most popular male name in France in the mid-1960s in France due to the popularity of the TV series Thierry la Fronde


The name Theobald just never caught on in the USA since a child would undoubtedly end up being called Baldy in school


Signe was the 46th most popular girl’s name in Denmark in 2016


In the USA, in 2016, 209 baby girls were named Seraphina and 117 were named Serafina


Salvatore ranked No. 148 in popular American male names in 1914 and in 1915, its all-time high rank It remained in the Top 500 until 1988.

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