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Swiss Names

When you think of Switzerland, what comes to mind? The Alps, Heidi, chocolate, banks…? When it comes to the topic of names, The Swiss Confederation is a very interesting mix. They have four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch. As a result, they have more than one Top 10 list for names. In 2015, […]


A pseudonym is defined in The Free Dictionary as “a fictitious name, especially a pen name.” One can infer from “especially, a pen name” that people generally think of a pseudonym as a fictitious name used by an author, also known as a nom de plume. In common usage, a stage name is used for […]

Stage Names

You always see lists of celebrities’ real names and, yes, we’re going to get a list together right now. Before we do, however, let’s talk about the reasons why people take “stage names” when they go into show business. The top reason has to be because the name they were born with just doesn’t have […]

Personalize This Adorable Baby Onesie

You can personalize this adorable football jersey number baby bodysuit for baby’s first or second birthday. The number 1 is already on it, but you can change that to a 2 or even the day of baby’s birth in the customize options. It’s possible to make the number smaller so that you can change that […]

Famous John and Johnny Songs

What are the chances that you know a few songs about a John or Johnny? Excellent! John was the No. 1 name in the United States for a long long time. Since it began keeping track of these statistics in 1880, the Social Security Administration shows that it was No. 1 consecutively from 1880 to […]

Chopsticks by Arthur de Lulli, the Pseudonym of Euphemia Allen

Euphemia Allen is said to be a girl who, when about 16 years old, registered the musical composition we know as “Chopsticks” under the male name Arthur de Lulli in 1877 as “”The Celebrated Chop Waltz”. Euphemia’s exact birth date is not known so if she was indeed 16 in 1877, she was born in […]

Sippie Wallace: Her Real Name and Other Nicknames

Sippie Wallace was born Beulah Belle Thomas in 1898. Sippie was her childhood nickname. An account in Lone Star & Legends (2001) attributes the nickname to Sippie’s habit of sipping soup through her teeth. Bold Women in Michigan History (2006) says it came about when Sippie’s front teeth were coming in– her family named her […]

The Big Bopper

The Big Bopper was a 1950s rockabilly singer known mainly for his 1958 hit “Chantilly Lace.” He was born in Sabine Pass, Texas in 1930 and given the first name Jiles, an alternate spelling of Giles. His middle name was Perry. Jiles preferred to go by his initials so he was generally known as J.P. […]

Charmion on the Daring Trapeze

Laverie C. Vallee, who went by the stage name Charmion, was born in Sacramento, California, in 1877, according to, which also has records showing a marriage to a man by the last name of Delaney and a subsequent union with William M. Vallee. (wikipedia lists her year of birth as 1875).

The Ballad of Jesse James

If Jesse James is not the most famous Jesse, he is certainly the Jesse played by the most actors. It’s amazing how many actors have portrayed this famous Jesse on film. The outlaw’s own son, Jesse James, Jr. played his father twice in 1921.

Alexander Graham Bell Says His Name

Here you have the benefit of hearing Alexander Graham Bell pronounce not only his own name, but his middle and last name as well. It is interesting that he pronounces his given name in the American manner — Al-ex-zan-der. Bell was born and raised in Scotland. In the UK and Australia, you may often hear […]

Valerie Songs

Valerie is a 7 letter name from Latin. The pronunciation is fairly straightforward with 3 syllables; however, changing the ending e to an a gives it 4 syllables and a slightly different sound.

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