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Yinka is a Yoruba name given to both boys and girls in Nigeria, sometimes the second part of a longer name


Sade is pronounced a Shah-Day


Osei Kofi Tutu, first King of the Ashanti Empire, must have been born on a Friday because that’s what his middle name means


In 2013, 54 American males were named Mamadou; the same number were named Huck, Ozzy and Vikram.


Keisha has been a more popular spelling than Keshia statistically. Highest ranks: Keisha: No. 233 in 1976. Keshia: No. 426 in 1986


Kofi was one of five 4-letter names given to 33 American baby boys in 2013. The other four were Kavi, Kobi, Kohl and Kush.

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