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43 American baby boys were named Stratton in 2010, 8 less than in 2009


Neither Stedman nor Steadman have ever been on the Top 1000 American baby boy names list


Rosalyn ranked in the Top 500 popular American baby girl names from 1948 to 1956, peaking at No. 416 in 1952


45 American baby boys were named Ravi in 2012, making it equally popular with the names Yisrael and Christiano


One of Apollo’s sons, the name Philander fell into disfavor in the 18th century when it became synonymous with womanizing


In the USA, Percival dropped out of the Top 1000 most popular male names after 1902. Its highest rank before then was No. 744 in 1886


At No. 173 in 2006, Oliver climbed to No. 12 in the USA by 2016


Neva was a Top 500 American baby girl name between 1880 and 1941, ranking highest in 1898 at No. 212.


Norris was a consistent top 500 American male name from 1906 through 1957


The Christian saint named Ninian, also known as the Apostle to the Southern Picts, is honored in many parts of Scotland


In the 1950s, Nicodème was the French name of a Disney cartoon bear known as Humphrey in the USA


The most well-known Nahum was a minor prophet of the Old Testament. His book is between between Micah and Habakkuk in the Bible.

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