Origin: nickname for Mitchell

As well as a nickname for the given name Mitchell, Mitch can be a nickname for people with that surname, male or female.

Famous people named Mitch or its variations

1. Mitch Duncan (b. 1991), Australian rules footballer;
born Mitchell James Duncan
2. Mitch Wahl (b. 1990), American ice hockey pro
3. Mitch Pileggi (b. 1952), American actor;
Mitchell Craig Pileggi

More Mitchs:

  • Mitchie Brusco (b. 1997), American skateboarder;
    born Mitchell Brusco
  • Mitch Jacoby (b. 1973), American football pro;
    born Mitchel Ray Jacoby
  • Mitch Dorge (b. 1960), Canadian musician, composer;
    born Michel Dorge
  • Mitch Frerotte (1965-2008), American football pro
    born Paul Mitchael Frerotte

Just Mitch:

  • Mitch Brennan (b. 1954), Australian rugby coach
  • Mitch Fatel (b. 1968), American comedian;
    born Mitch Faytel
  • Mitch Peacock, Canadian sports anchor
  • Mitch Schock (b. 1971), American poker player
  • Mitch Woods (b. 1951), American musician, singer

surnamed Mitchell:

  • Kathryn Mitchell (b. 1982), Australian athlete;
    nicknamed Mitch
  • James Mitchell (b. 1989), British poker player;
    nicknames: Mitch, Mixed Bag
  • Mitchy Slick, American rapper;
    born Charles Mitchell
  • Mitch Mitchell (1947-2008), English drummer’
    born John Ronald Mitchell
  • Kathryn Mitchell (b. 1982), Australian athlete;
    nicknamed Mitch

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