Origin: Old English

Kip is a randomly given nickname, often attributed to Christopher, but it may be a part of the first or last name. It may also be the given or middle name or it may simply stem from sibling mispronunciation

Kip TV and Movie Quotes:
“Kip hasn’t done flipping anything today!”
Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
“Wait, Kip, you haven’t said thanks.”
The Tin Star (1957)

Famous people named Kip or its variations
Kip WellsKip McLeanJohnny Weissmuller

1. Kip Wells (b. 1977), American baseball pro
born Robert Wells
2. Kip McKean, American evangelist
born Thomas Wayne McKean II
3. Kip Stephen Thorne (b. 1940), American physicist

More Real Kips:
Kip Carpenter (b. 1979), American speedskater
Kip McKey Bouknight (b. 1978), American baseball pro
Kip Andre Diggs (b. 1960), American boxing pro
Kip Alan Corrington (b. 1965), American football pro
Kip Addotta (b. 1944), American comedian

More Nickname Kips:
Kip Pardue, b. 1975, as Kevin Ian Pardue
American actor and model
Kipp Collins (1969-2006) born Alarza Lee Collins Jr.
American record producer, composer
Kip Cheruiyot, b. 1964 as Kipkoech Cheruiyot
Kenyan athlete
Kipp Lennon, b. 1960 as Christopher Lennon
American musician
Kip Holden, b. 1952 as Melvin Lee Holden
American politican
Kip Dowd (1889-1960) born James Joseph Dowd
American baseball pro
Kip Siegel (1923-75), born Keeve M. Siegel
American physicist

Fictional Kips:
Kip “Half-Sack” Epps, Sons of Anarchy (TV)
Kip Dynamite, Napoleon Dynamite (film)
Dr. Kip Denton, Shortland Street (TV)
Kipling “Kip” Morgan, detective (Louis L’Amour books)

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