Origin: Hebrew

Johnny is a nickname for John

Johnny TV and Movie Quotes:
“You don’t find Johnny. He finds you.” Hawaii Five-0 (2010 TV Series)
Johnny, I sense that you are thinking that you are a man about
town, a shoe-in with the ladies, whose sole purpose is to
bother woman. Johnny Bravo (1997 TV Series)

Famous people named Johnny or its variations

1. Johnny Mathis (b. 1935), American singer
born John Royce Mathis
2. Johnny Cecotto (b.1956), Venezuelan Grand Prix racer
born Alberto Cecotto
3. Johnny Weissmuller (1904-84), American actor (Tarzan),
swimmer; born Johann Peter Weissmüller

Famous John and Johnny Songs

Real Johnnys:
Johnny David Damon, American baseball pro
Johnny Lee Bench, professional baseball catcher
Johnny Mandel, American composer and song arranger
Johnny Murtagh, Irish flat racing jockey

More Johnnys:
Johnny Appleseed, born John Chapman,
American pioneer nurseryman
Johnny Horton, born John Gale Horton,
American country music and rockabilly singer
Johnny Otis, born John Alexander Veliotes,
American R&B pianist
Johnny Paycheck, born Donald Eugene Lytle,
American country singer
Johnny Ringo, born John Peters Ringo,
American Wild West outlaw
Johnny Thunders, born John Anthony Genzale, Jr.,
American guitarist, singer
Southside Johnny, born John Lyon,
American singer-songwriter

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