Origin: Old German

Meaning: “home ruler”

Hank is a common nickname for Henry, although it may be bestowed upon someone with a totally different name and can even be used as a given name.

Hank TV and Movie Quotes:
“The name’s Hank. It’s never Henry. Just Hank.”
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012)
“Well, it seems old Hank had pulled a fast one.”
Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
“That ain’t no Hank Williams song!” The Blues Brothers (1980)

Famous people nicknamed Hank

1. Hank Azaria (b. 1964), American actor, comedian
born Henry Albert Azaria
2. Hank Aaron (b. 1934), American baseball pro
born Henry Louis Aaron
3. Hank Williams (1923-53), American country singer
born Hiram King Williams

More Hanks

  • Hank Williams, Jr. (b. 1949), American country singer
    born Randall Hank Williams
  • Hank Williams, III (b. 1972), American singer
    born: Shelton Hank Williams
  • Hank Ballard (1931-94), American singer
    born John Henry Kendricks
  • Hank Aguirre (1931-94), American baseball pro
    born Henry John Aguirre
  • Hank Joe Blalock (b. 1980), American baseball pro
    born: same
  • Hank Allen (b. 1940), American baseball pro
    born Harold Andrew Allen
  • Hank Gathers (1967-90), American football pro
    born Eric Gathers
  • Hank Cochran (1935-2010), American country music singer
    born Garland Perry Cochran
  • Hank Ketcham (1920-2001), American cartoonist
    born Henry King Ketcham
  • Hank DeBerry (1894-1951), American baseball pro
    born John Herman DeBerry
  • Hank Garland (1930-2004), American musician
    born Walter Louis Garland
  • Hank Henshaw, fictional supervillain in DC Comics universe
  • Hank Izquierdo (b. 1931), Cuban baseball pro
    born Enrique Roberto Valdes Izquierdo

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