Origin: Old German

meaning: “peaceful”
When combined with “ric”, it means peaceful ruler

Fred can be a nickname for:
Franz, Federico, Frédéric, Frederick, Frederico,
Federigo, Frederik, Fredrik, Fryderyk

Fred was a Top 50 popular male name in the USA from 1880 through 1944. Its highest rank was at No. 14 in 1885. In every other year from 1880 through 1895, it was the 15th most popular male name.

Freddie was in the Top 150 given names for American males from 1935 through 1945. It ranked highest in 1938 at No. 131, much higher than Freddy (No. 360) that same year.

Fred, Freddie and Freddy can also be nicknames for girls’ names such as Frederica and Frédérique.

Famous people named Fred or its variations

1. Fred Thomas Dubois (1851-1930), American politician
2. Fred J. Koenekamp (b. 1922), American cinematographer
3. Fred Lawrence Whipple (1906-2004), American astronomer


  • Freddie Garrity (1936-2006), English singer, actor;
    frontman of Freddie and the Dreamers
  • Freddie Joe Nunn (b. 1962), American football pro
  • Freddie James Prinze, Jr. (b. 1976), American actor


  • Freddy Moncada (b. 1973), Colombian road cyclist
  • Freddy Montaña (b. 1982), Colombian road cyclist
  • Freddy Fender (1937- 2006), American Tejano singer
  • (birth name: Baldemar Garza Huerta)


  • Fred Astaire (1899-1987), American dancer, actor
  • Fred Brooks (b. 1931), American computer scientist
  • Fred MacMurray (1908-1991), American actor
  • Fred Mertz, TV character (I Love Lucy)
    played by William Frawley
  • Freddie James Prinze, Sr. (1954-1977),
    American comedian, actor
  • Fred Rogers (1928-2003), American educator,
    Presbyterian minister, TV host

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