Origin: French

Nickname for:
Delphine, Fiona, Fiorella, Josephine
Seraphina, Sofia, Sophia

Fifi TV and Movie Quotes:
“Fifi! So this is the way you waste your time —
canoodling!” Kiss Me Again (1931)
“Leave Fifi out of this.
Danger Mouse: Mechanised Mayhem (1985)

Famous people called Fifi or its variations
Fifi BoxFifi AbdouFifi D'Orsay

1. Fifi Box (b. 1976), Australian radio and TV host;
born Fiona Box
2. Fifi Abdou (b. 1953), Egyptian belly dancer, actress
born Atiyat Abdul Fattah Ibrahim
3. Fifi D’Orsay (1904-83), Canadian-born actress

More Fifis
Fifi Chachnil, French fashion designer;
born Delphine Veron
Fifi Brix (b. 1932), German singer, composer;
born Lore Kowalke
Fifi Turin (1913-45), French anti-Fascist activist;
born Marie Cavallini
Fifi Kreutzer (1891-1977), German painter;
born Mathilde Kreutzer

Fifi Brindacier – the French Pippi Longstocking
Fifi the Duck – Marvel universe character
Fifi Forget-Me-Not – title character of British
animated children series, Fifi and the Flowertots
Fifi La Fume, Tiny Toons female skunk
Flapper Fifi, Disney female pekingese dog, pet of
Minnie Mouse

Wolfgang “Fifi” Pissecker (b. 1965), German actor, singer
Fiore “Fifi” Buccieri (1907-73), Chicago mobster

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