Doc is a boy or man’s Nickname
Doc may or may not be a real doctor

Origin: Latin

Meaning: derived from Latin doctus,
“having been taught; learned”

Famous people nicknamed Doc

1. Doc Holliday (1851-87), American dentist, gambler,
gunslinger, born John Henry Holliday
2. Doc Severinsen (b. 1927, American pop and jazz
trumpeter, born Carl Hilding Severnsen
3. Doc Carver (1851-1927), American dentist, sharpshooter,
showman, born William Frank Carver

More Docs:

  • Doc Brown, American rapper, born Ben Smith
  • Doc Cramer, American baseball player, born
    Roger Maxwell Cramer
  • Doc Gooden, American baseball player,
    born Dwight Eugene Gooden
  • Doc Maynard, American pioneer and doctor, Seattle’s
    primary founding father, born David Swinson Maynard
  • Doc Neeson, Australian rock singer born Bernard Neeson
  • Doc Watson, American guitar player born
    Arthel Lane Watson
  • Papa Doc, President of Haiti from 1957-71, born
    François Duvalier
  • Baby Doc, President of Haiti from 1971-86, Papa Doc’s
    son, born Jean-Claude Duvalier

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