Origin: unknown
assumption: baby talk for brother

Meaning: “friend, pal, chum”
The nickname Buddy has been given to boys
with many different first names

Buddy Variations:
Bud, Budd, Buddie

Buddy TV and Movie Quotes:
“You can call your next dog “Krypto.” Look, it’s not that hard:
Max, Lucky, Rocky, Bailey, Scamp, Monty, Bud.”
Smallville: Krypto (2005)
“Buddy, for your own good you gotta let this go.”
Wedding Crashers (2005)
“What’s the good word, buddy boy?”
The Honeymooners: Brother Ralph (1955)

Famous people nicknamed Buddy

1. Buddy Holly (1936-59), American rock and roll singer
born Charles Hardin Holley
2. Buddy Rich (b. 1917-87), American jazz drummer
born Bernard Rich
3. Buddy Hackett (1924-2003), American comedian, actor
born Leonard Hacker

Real Buddies:

  • Buddy Jewell, Jr. American country musician
  • Buddy Wayne Knox, American rocker (“Party Doll”)

More Buddies

  • Buddy Bell, American baseball player
    born David Gus Bell
  • Buddy Blattner, American baseball player and sportscaster
    born Robert Garnett Blattner
  • Buddy DeFranco, American jazz clarinetist
    born Boniface Ferdinand Leonard DeFranco
  • Buddy Ebsen, American actor
    born Christian Rudolph Ebsen, Jr.
  • Buddy Greco, American jazz and pop singer and pianist
    born Armando Greco
  • Buddy Guy, American guitarist
    born George Guy
  • Buddy Myer, American All-Star major league baseball player
    born Charles Solomon Myer
  • Buddy Rogers, American actor and jazz musician
    born Charles Rogers
  • “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers, American professional wrestler
    born Herman Rohde

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