Origin: Old English

botanical name
Nickname for names beginning with Ber-

Berri, Berrie

Berry Book Quotes:
“You’re a grown woman, Berry.” Tough Customer (2011)
“Her first name, no lie, was Berry….” Jester (2009

Famous people named Berry or its variations
Berri (Rebecca Sleight)Berry Berenson

1. Berri (b. 1966), British singer, born: Rebecca Sleight
2. Berry Berenson (1948-2001), American photographer, actress
born Berinthia Berenson, wife of Anthony Perkins

Popular Ber- Names
(From 2012, given to more than 50 American baby girls)
Berkley, 222
Berenice, 129
Bernardette, 88
Berkeley, 77
Berlin, 72
Berklee, 58

More Ber- Names
Berengaria, the name of several queens, including the
wife of Richard the Lion-Hearted
Berinthia, a character in a 17th century play

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