Origin: French

Meaning: “handsome”
Beau is a given name and a nickname

Beau Variations:

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Beau is a real rascal.
Are you working on that school project, Beau?
Look before you leap, Beau.

Famous people nicknamed Beau

1. Beau Bridges (b. 1941), American actor
born Lloyd Vernet Bridges, III
2. Beau Biden (1969-2015), American politician
born Joseph Robinette Biden, III
3. Beau Rials (b. 1962), American TV host, producer
born Samuel Taylor Rials

Real Beaus:

  • Beau Burchell. American musician
  • Beau Kazer, American actor
  • Beau McCoy, American politician


More Beaus

  • Beau Jack, American lightweight boxing champ
    born Sidney Walker
  • Beau Brummel, British fashion icon
    born George Bryan Brummell
  • Beau Jocque, American zydeco musician
    born Andrus J. Esprit
  • Beau Nash, 18th century British fashion expert
    born Richard Nash
  • Beau Smith, American comic book writer
    born Stephen Scott Beau Smith

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  1. Isabel says:

    Izzy, Belle, Elizabeth, Liz, Isa, Aau (pronounced Ay)

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