Origin: Middle English

Meaning: “first-rate”
In cards, the ace is the highest playing card in a deck
In golf, when a player sinks a ball on the first shot, it’s an ace

Famous people nicknamed Ace

1. Ace Frehley (b. 1951), American musician, former member of KISS
born Paul Daniel Frehley
2. Ace Young (b. 1980), American Idol 7th place finalist (Season 5)
born Brett Asa Young
3. Ace Ventura, fictional movie character, portrayed by Jim Carrey

More Aces

  • Ace Darling, American wrestling pro
    born Michael Maraldo
  • The Ace, English snooker pro
    born Judd Trump
  • Ace (Royal Flush Gang),¬†fictional character in the Justice League animated series
  • Ace, character in the G.I. Joe universe

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