Indiana Governors

The Hoosier State was admitted to the Union in December 1816. The most common name among its governors is James with 6 governors bearing the name. Thomas comes in second with half as many. The most unique names are Ashbel and Ratcliff.

James: 6 Indiana Governors
James Atwell Mount (1843-1901) Term:1897-1901
James Brown Ray (1794-1848) Term:1825-31
James Douglas Williams (1808-1880) Term:1877-80
James Franklin “Frank” Hanly (1863-1920) Term:1905-09
James Putnam Goodrich (1864-1940) Term:1917-21
James Whitcomb (1795-1852) Term:1843-48

Thomas: 3 Indiana governors
Thomas Andrews Hendricks (1819-85) Term:1873-77
Thomas Posey (1750-1818) Term:1813-16
Thomas Riley Marshall (1854-1925) Term:1909-13

Joseph: 2 Indiana governors
Joseph Albert Wright (1810-1867) Term:1849-57
Joseph Eugene “Joe” Kernan (b. 1946) Term:2003-05

Henry: 2 Indiana governors
Henry Frederick Schricker (1883-1966) Terms:1941-45, 1949-53
Henry Smith Lane (1811-81) Term:1861

Samuel: 2 Indiana governors
Samuel Bigger (1802-46) Term:1840-43
Samuel Moffett Ralston (1857-1925) Term:1913-17

William: 2 Indiana governors
William Hendricks (1782-1850) Term:1822-25
William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) Term:1800-12

Only one:
Abram Adams Hammond (1814-74) Term:1860-61
Albert Gallatin Porter (1824-97) Term:1881-85
Alvin Peterson Hovey (1821-91) Term:1889-91
Ashbel Parsons Willard (1820-1860) Term:1857-60
Claude Matthews (1845-98) Term:1893-97
Conrad Baker (1817-85) Term: 1867-73
David Wallace (1799-1859) Term:1837-40
Edgar Doud Whitcomb (b. 1917) Term:1969-73
Edward L. “Ed” Jackson (1873-1954) Term:1925-29
Emmett Forrest Branch (1874-1932) Term:1924-25
Evan Bayh (b. 1955) Term:1989-1997
Frank Lewis O’Bannon (1930-2003) Term:1997-2003
George North Craig (1909-92) Term:1953-57
Harold Willis Handley (1909-72) Term:1957-61
Harry Guyer Leslie (1878-1937) Term:1929-33
Ira Joy Chase (1834-95) Term:1891-93
Isaac Pusey Gray (1825-1895) Terms:1880-81, 1885-89
John Gibson (1740-1822) Term:1800-01, 1812-13
Jonathan Jennings (1784-1834) Term:1816-22
Matthew Empson Welsh (1912-1995) Term:1961-65
Maurice Clifford Townsend (1884-1954) Term:1937-41
Michael Richard “Mike” Pence (b. 1959) Term:2013-
Mitchell Elias “Mitch” Daniels, Jr. (b. 1948) Term:2005-13
Noah Noble (1794-1844) Term:1831-37
Oliver Perry Morton (1823-77) Term:1861-67
Otis Ray Bowen (b. 1918) Term:1973-81
Paris Chipman Dunning (1806-84) Term:1848-49
Paul Vories McNutt (1891-1955) Term:1933-37
Ralph Fesler Gates (1893-1978) Term:1945-49
Ratliff Boon (1781-1844) Term:1822
Robert Dunkerson Orr (1917-2004) Term:1981-89
Roger Douglas Branigin (1902-75) Term:1965-69
Warren Terry McCray (1865-1938) Term:1921-24
Winfield Taylor Durbin (1847-1928) Term:1901-05

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