Hawaiian Governors

Hawaii became a State in 1959. All of the individuals who have governed Hawaii were born in the  20th century, the oldest born in 1909 and second oldest in 1919. John is the only name that more than one governor had.

Click on the names of the people who have governed Hawaii to learn the name meaning and see what other people with the same name grew up to be.

  • William Francis Quinn (b. 1919) 1959-62
  • John Anthony Burns (b. 1909),  served 1962-74
  • David Yutaka Ige (b. 1957), served 2014-
  • George Ryoichi Ariyoshi  (b. 1926), served 1974-86
  • John David Waihee III (b. 1946), served 1986-94
  • Benjamin Jerome Cayetano (b. 1936), served 1994-2002
  • Linda Cutter Lingle (b. 1953), served 2002-10
  • Neil Abercrombie (b. 1938), served  2010-14

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