American First Ladies

Did you know there have been 3 American First Ladies who were named Elizabeth? One went by her given name and two of them went by their nicknames: Betty and Bess.

Here is a list of the First Ladies of the United States with links to the meaning of their names.

18th Century

Martha Washington
Abigail Adams

19th Century

Martha Jefferson
Dolley Madison
Elizabeth Monroe
Louisa Catherine Adams
Rachel Jackson
Hannah Van Buren
Anna Harrison
Letitia Tyler
Julia Tyler
Sarah Polk
Margaret Taylor
Abigail Fillmore
Jane Pierce
Harriet Lane
Mary Lincoln
Eliza Johnson
Julia Grant
Lucy Hayes
Lucretia Garfield
Ellen Arthur
Frances Cleveland
Caroline Lavinia Harrison
Frances Cleveland
Ida McKinley


20th Century

Edith Roosevelt
Helen Taft
Ellen Wilson
Edith Wilson
Florence Harding
Grace Anna Coolidge
Lou Henry Hoover
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
Elizabeth Virginia (Bess) Truman
Mamie Geneva Eisenhower
Jacqueline Lee Kennedy
Claudia (Lady Bird) Johnson
Thelma Catherine (Pat) Nixon
Elizabeth (Betty) Ford
Rosalynn Carter
Nancy Reagan
Barbara Bush
Hillary Clinton

21st Century

Laura Bush
Michelle Obama
Melania Trump

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