Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “shadow”

Best Nicknames:
Zilli, Zillie, Zilly, ZiZi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Zila, Zilah, Zilla

Zillah Book Quotes:
“Zillah was soon able to gather what they meant.”
The Auguste (2011)
“Coarse appeals to vanity or greed would have been
powerless on Zillah.” Veronica (1869)

Famous people named Zillah or its variations

1. Zillah Eisenstein (b. 1948), American scholar, feminist
and anti-racist activist, author
2. Zillah Vivien Castle (1911-97), New Zealand violinst
3. Zillah Smith Gill (1859-1937), New Zealand politician,
community leader

Zillah Middle Names:
Zillah Arlenne
Zillah Cadence
Zillah Jeanette
Zillah Rose

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