Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “radiant, sparkling”

Best Nicknames
Zeza, Zeze, Zezi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Zahra, Zara, Zera, Zerah

Zehra Book Quotes:
“When Auntie Zehra walked into the house she and
Mum squared off like two roosters in a cockfight.”
The Good Daughter (2009)
“Ali Yavar Jung had already married his lovely cousin Zehra.”
The Fragrance of Forgotten Years (2009)

Famous people named Zehra or its variations

1. Zehra Sheerazi (b. 1983) Pakistani beauty queen
2. Zehra Jane Naqvi (b. 1977), Australian actress
3. Zehra Deović (b. 1938), Bosnian folk singer

Zehra Middle Names:
Zehra Grace
Zehra Khadija
Zehra Melike
Zehra Sultana

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