Origin: Sioux

Meaning: “first-born daughter”

Best Nicknames
Winnie, Winna, Nona, Nonna, Nonnie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Wenona, Wenonah, Winnona, Winoena, Winona
Winonah, Winonna, Wynnona, Wynonna

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Wynona will come out of her shell one day. Then, watch out!
Get a move on, Wynona.
Time for your medicine, Wynona!

Famous people named Wynona or its variations

1. Wynonna Ellen Judd (b. 1964), American country music singer
born Christina Claire Ciminella
2. Wynona Merceris Carr (1924-76), American singer, songwriter
3. Wynona Moore Lipman (c. 1932-99), American politician,
New Jersey senator (D)

Wynona Middle Names
Wynona Amalie
Wynona Grace
Wynona Jean
Wynona Michelle
Wynona Sue

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