Origin: Old English

Meaning: “joy and peace”
also Welsh: holy, blessed reconciliation

Best Nicknames
Fred, Freddie, Freddy, Fredi, Fredy,
Win, Winne, Winnie, Wynn, Wynne

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Winafred, Winefred, Winefride, Winefried,
Winfreda, Winfrieda, Winifryd, Winnifred,
Wynafred, Wynifred, Wynnifred

Winifred TV and Movie Quotes:
“Mrs. Torrance, your husband introduced you as Winifred.
Now, are you a Winnie or a Freddy?” The Shining (1980)
“Nonsense, Winifred, old girl. An elephant never forgets.”
The Jungle Book (1967)

Famous people named Winifred or its variations

1. Winifred Knox Peck (1882-1962), English author
2. Winifred Mabel Newberry Brunton (1880-1959), English painter
3. Winifred Eveleen Gérin (1901-1981), Brontë family biographer

Winifred Middle Names
Winifred Amanda
Winifred Bernice
Winifred Jayne
Winifred Marie
Winifred Patience

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  1. Jessica says:

    I have a Winifred, and we call her Winnie.

  2. Winifred says:

    My mother told me, “Just leave the fred off”. So I’ve been Wini all my life.

  3. Winifred says:


  4. Jess says:

    We have a Winnifred, and we call her, winn, windy, windy-Fred.

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