Origin: Old German

Meaning: “will helmet, protection”
feminine form of Wilhelm

Best Nicknames:
Billee, Billey, Billie, Billy, Helma, Helmi, Helminette, Mimi,
Min, Mina, Minna, Minnie, Minny, Wil, Willie, Willy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Wilhelmine, Willa, Willamina, Willamine, Willeen, Willene,
Willemina, Williamina, Willmette, Willmina, Willmine

Wilhelmina TV and Movie Quotes:
“Wilhelmina doesn’t need help.”
Ugly Betty: Filing for the Enemy (2008)
“She’s a model from Wilhelmina.”
Royal Pains: If I Was a Sick Man (2009)

Famous people named Wilhelmina or its variations

1. Wilhelmina Behmenburg Cooper (1939–80), Dutch model,
model agency owner
2. Willemina Jacoba van Gogh (1862-1941), feminist,
sister of Vincent and Theo, nicknamed “Wil”
3. Minna Herzlieb a.k.a. “Minchen” (1789-1865), German
publisher, born Christiane Friederike Wilhelmine Herzlieb

Wilhelmina Middle Names
Wilhelmina Amalie
Wilhelmina Charlotte
Wilhelmina Marguerite
Wilhelmina Paola
Wilhelmina Sophia

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