Origin: Latin

Meaning: “true”
as a variant of Verena

Best Nicknames:
Veena, Vina, Reena, Rina

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Varena, Varia, Variah, Verina

Varina Book Quotes:
“Varina laughed. ‘No matter how you squirm,’ she said,
‘I won’t let you off the hook.'”
The Burning Glass (1968)
“She hoped Jonas wouldn’t report the stop to Varina.”
Fallen Women (2013)

Famous people named Varina or its variations

1. Varina Tjon-A-Ten (b. 1952), Dutch politician
2. Varina Anne Davis (1864-1898), American author. 6th child of
Jefferson and Varina Davis; nickname: Winnie
3. Varina Banks Howell Davis (1826-1906), First Lady of the
Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis’ second wife

Varina Middle Names
Varina Ellen
Varina Felicity
Varina Gertrude
Varina Margaret

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