Origin: English

Meaning: “English river”
also, nickname for names ending in -tine and -tyne

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ty, Tyneka, Tynesha, Tynetta, Tynette, Tynie

Phrases you may hear or say someday:
Wipe that smile over your face right now, Tyne.
Don’t cross your eyes, Tyne, they’ll get stuck that way.
I don’t even have to tell Tyne to keep her room tidy.

Famous people named Tyne or its variations

1. Tyne Stecklein (b. 1988), American dancer, actress
2. Tyne O’Connell, English author
born Clementyne Rose O’Connell
3. Tyne Daly (b. 1963), American actress
born Ellen Tyne Daly

Tyne Middle Names
Tyne Kristianna
Tyne Jeanette
Tyne Leigh
Tyne Rhiannon
Tyne Victoria

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