Origin: Latin

Meaning: “little one”
also, a nickname for names such as Katrina and Katerina

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Treen, Treena, Treenie

Trina TV and Movie Quotes:
“Trina, are these your amigas?”
Victorious: Victori-Yes (2013)
“Come on, Trina, I wouldn’t even treat
a dog like this!” Greed (1924)

Famous people named Trina or its variations

1. Trina Lanell Broussard (b. 1969), American singer
2. Trina Parks (b. 1946), American actress, singer
3. Trina Robbins (b. 1938), American comics artist, writer

Trina Middle Names
Trina Desiree
Trina Kamryn
Trina Jolene
Trina Mackenzie
Trina Raychelle

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