Origin: Aramaic

Meaning: “twin”
feminine form of Thomas

Best Nicknames:
Tammi, Tammy, Tommi, Tommie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Thomasa, Thomasin, Thomasine, Tomasina, Tomasine

Thomasina TV and Movie Quotes:
“Oh, my god. You love Thomasina! Since when?”
Kings: Insurrection (2009)
“Thomasina’s in the bathroom.”
Martin: Baby It’s You (1993)

Famous people named Thomasina or its variations

1. Thomasina Gross, American actress
2. Thomasina Winslow, American blues singer
3. Thomasina Miers, English cook, writer

Thomasina Middle Names
Thomasina Amber
Thomasina Jewel
Thomasina Lou
Thomasina Mary
Thomasina Rose

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