Origin: Greek

Meaning: “God’s gift”

Best Nicknames:
Dora, Dory, Teddi, Thea

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Fedora, Feodora, Fyodora, Teodora, Teodory,
Theadora, Theda, Theodosia

Theodora TV and Movie Quotes:
“Theodora, I know your wickedness is not your doing!”
Oz The Great and Powerful (2013)
“What scares you, Theodora?” The Haunting (1963)

Famous people named Theodora or its variations

1. Theodora Dupree Richards (b. 1985), American model,
daughter of English rocker, Keith Richards
3. Teodora Albon (b. 1977), Romanian football referee
3. Tonie Nathan (b. 1923), American politician
born Theodora Nathalia Nathan

Theodora Middle Names
Theodora Darcy
Theodora Emily
Theodora Jane
Theodora Michelle
Theodora Suzanne

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