Origin: Greek

Meaning: “late summer”
also, short form of Theresa

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Tessa, Tessie, Tessy

Tess TV and Movie Quotes:
“Tactful and evasive. You’re gonna do very well in life, Tess.”
The Mentalist: Rose-Colored Glasses (2010)
“Tess, stop talking to me like that.” Camp Rock (2008)

Famous people named Tess or its variations

1. Tess Broussard (b. 1968), American actress, model
born Brenda Tess Broussard
2. Tess Harper (b. 1950), American actress
born Tessie Jean Harper
3. Tess Gallagher (b. 1943), American poet, author

Tess Middle Names
Tess Alayna
Tess Christine
Tess Gennifer
Tess Karena
Tess Violet

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