Origin: Uncertain

Possible Meaning: “Born on Monday”
(connection: African)

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Taneesha, Tanesha, Taneicia, Taniesha, Tanishia, Tanitia,
Tannicia, Tanysha, Tenicia, Teneesha, Tinecia, Tynisha

Tanisha TV and Movie Quotes:
“Hey Tanisha, it was good seeing you.”
Chappelle’s Show (2003 TV Series)

Famous people named Tanisha or its variations

1. Tanisha Mariko Harper (b. 1985), American model, actress
2. Tanisha Lynn Eanes (b. 1978), American actress
3. Tanisha Mukherjee (b. 1978), Indian actress

Tanisha Middle Names
Tanisha Charlyze
Tanisha Delores
Tanisha Faith
Tanisha Jonelle
Tanisha Rae

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