Origin: English

Meaning: “twin”
short form of Thomasina

Best Nicknames:
Tam, Tam-Tam, Tammi, Tammie, Tammy

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Tamasin, Tamasine, Tamsen, Tamsine,
Tamsinne, Tamsyn, Tamzen, Tamzin

Tamsin TV and Movie Quotes:
“That’s where Tamsin’s boyfriend is.”
Couples (2002 TV Series)
“I need to talk to Tamsin”
Lost Girl: The Outcast (2015)

Famous people named Tamsin or its variations

1. Tamsin Olivia Egerton (b. 1988), English actress
2. Tamzin Maria Outhwaite (b. 1970), English actress
3. Tamsin Ormond (b. 1984), English author, activist

Tamsin Middle Names
Tamsin Alicia
Tamsin Beth
Tamsin Estelle
Tamsin Grace
Tamsin Regina

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  1. Tamzin says:

    Tam , tam tam, tami, taz

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