Origin: Latin

Meaning: “woods, forest”

Best Nicknames:
Sil, Syl, Silky, Sylkie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Silva, Silvia, Silvie, Sylva, Sylvee, Sylvia,
Zilvia, Zilvee, Zilvie, Zylvia, Zylvie, Zylvia

Sylvie TV and Movie Quotes:
“We can’t go. Aunt Sylvie is stalking somebody.”
The Women (2008)
“My name’s Sylvie Cooper.” Poison Ivy (1992)

Famous people named Sylvie or its variations

1. Sylvie Testud (b. 1971), French actress
2. Sylvie Kinigi (b. 1956), former Burundian Prime
Minister; economist
3. Sylvie Vartan (b. 1944), French singer

Sylvie Middle Names
Sylvie Alanis
Sylvie Clementine
Sylvie Ione
Sylvie Natalya
Sylvie Yvonne

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