Origin: French

Meaning: “lily”
variant of Susan

Best Nicknames:
ShuShu, Sue, Sukee, Sukey, Sukie, Suse, Susee, Susi,
Susie, Susy, Suze, Suzee, Suzi, Suzie, Suzy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Susette, Suzetta

Suzette TV and Movie Quotes:
“My poor Suzette! She will never see me again!” The Young
Indiana Jones Chronicles
(1999 TV Series)
“Suzette Suzette Suzette! Her friends call her Sizzle.”
Mike Hammer (1956 TV Series)

Famous people named Suzette or its variations

1. Suzette Charles (b. 1963), American singer,
Miss America 1983; born Suzette DeGaetano
2. Suzette Monod Sandoz (b. 1942), Swiss politician
3. Suzette O’Nil (1895-1967), French singer, actress;
born Suzanne Pauline Albertine Waroquiez

Suzette Middle Names
Suzette Clothilde
Suzette Faye
Suzette Marie
Suzette Oralie
Suzette Rachel

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