Origin: English

Meaning: “shining lily”
Combination of Sue and Ellen

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Sue Ellen, Sue Ellyn, Suellyn, Suelyn

Suellen Book Quotes:
“He’s thinking of Suellen, Scarlett thought in disgust.”
Gone With the Wind (1936)
“Suellen laughed as she headed into the coffee café.”
Sunrise on Cedar Key (2011)

Famous people named Suellen or its variations

1. Sue Ellen Bernal Bolnik (b. 1982), Mexican politician
2. Suellen Romani, Brazilian actress
3. SuEllen Weissman Fried (b. 1932), American author, activist

Suellen Middle Names
Suellen Denise
Suellen Mariah
Suellen Nicole
Suellen Winona

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