Origin: Greek

Meaning: “wisdom”

Best Nicknames:
Saffi, Soph, Soficita

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Sofia, Sofie, Sofka, Sofy, Sofya, Sophey, Sophia, Sophy

Sophie TV and Movie Quotes:
“I’m gonna stay with Sophie, all right?”
Leverage: The Two Live Crew Job (2009)
“Sophie! Sophie! You’re beautiful!”
Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

Famous people named Sophie or its variations

1. Sophie Vavasseur (b. 1992), Irish actress
2. Sophie Marceau (b. 1966), French actress, director
3. Sophie Tucker (1887-1966), Russian-born American entertainer,
born Sonya Kalish; Nickname: The Last of the Red Hot Mamas

Sophie Middle Names
Sophie Diana
Sophie Evelyn
Sophie Gayle
Sophie Lianne
Sophie Regine

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  1. Sophie says:

    i made a list of what my friends call me:

    sop, sopi, sopeh, soap, soph, phie, sop sop, fifi

    • yacob says:

      My girlfriend is called sofyie and i call her sofa and soup and soap{even thought she stinks} just for a laugh ya know xx

  2. unknown says:

    Well, I think that Sophie-dophie, Sophs, Sophiebear, slowphie and a few others are nice

  3. sally says:

    fifi,Sia, fia, soph/sophs, sophie,

  4. Sophie says:

    Hey ,
    as you know my name is Sophie and all my friends have cute nicknames such as for mia -moo so I really wanted one that would stand out so the first one that I could think of was
    ……… Soap !!!

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