Origin: Irish

Meaning: “God is gracious”
Irish form of Joan or Jane

Can be spelled with acute accent: Siobhán

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Shavaughan, Shavaughn, Shavaughne, Shavaugn, Shavaugne,
Shavaun, Shavaune, Shavon, Shavone, Shavonne, Sheavaughn,
Shevaun, Shevawn, Shievonne, Shivan, Shivaughn, Shivaughne,
Shivaun, Shivaune, Shivon, Shivonne, Shvaugn, Siavon, Siobahn,
Siobain, Sioban, Siobhain, Siobhann, Siobhin, Siobhon, Siovhan,

Siobhan TV and Movie Quotes:
“Be straight with me, Siobhan.”
Ballykissangel (1996 TV Series)
“Ok, it was supposed to be me and Meg and Siobhan
decorating the Holiday Inn for prom…” Speak (2004)

Famous people named Siobhan or its variations

1. Siobhán Emma Donaghy (b. 1984), English singer, songwriter
2. Shivaune Christina Field (b. 1980), Australian TV reporter
3. Siobhan Redmond (b. 1959), Scottish actress

Siobhan Middle Names
Siobhan Aylish
Siobhan Kayleigh
Siobhan Leonie
Siobhan Ophelia
Siobhan Rowena

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