Origin: English

Meaning: “free spirited and pretty”
combination of Sheryl and Lynn

Best Nicknames:
Sher, Sheri, Sherrie, Sherry

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Cherilyn, Sheralyn, Sherilin, Sherrilin, Sherrilyn, Sherylyn

Sherilyn Book Quotes:
“Was that real concern in Sherilyn’s voice?”
Deadly Dues (2011)
“Sherilyn is 40 but not a good sporty!”
Friends of the Heart (2001)

Famous people named Sherilyn or its variations

1. Sherilyn Coleen Henderson (b. 1991), American actress
2. Sherilyn Fenn (b. 1965), American actress
born Sheryl Ann Fenn
3. Sherilyn Marjorie Wolter (b. 1951), American actress

Sherilyn Middle Names
Sherilyn Christine
Sherilyn Eve
Sherilyn Grace
Sherilyn Miranda
Sherilyn Noelle

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